About us

Passion and Productivity.

Hey, it looks like people love our products.
Lets give it to the world and make some awesome things together!
Aronium founders, May 2015

We are a company dedicated to a process of developing quality and reliable POS solutions.

We are in this business for more then 10 years. Within that period, we have accomplished a great success, met great people, and learned a lot.

Now, we want to build something new. A product with only those features users really need. A product made by user requests. A product that will be easy to use, intuitive and fast. A product for you!

We are aware that one size doesn't fit all. But we listen. And we learn. And we go toward one goal - to make your life easier.

We won't stop, neither should you.


Aleksandar Vasovic
Aleksandar Vasović
Aleksandra Kukanjac
Aleksandra Kukanjac
Marketing & Sales

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