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Aronium Lite FREE

Enjoy feature rich point of sale application for free.

Ideal for small shops and stores with single cash register.

No license required. No registration. Download and
start selling in minutes!

Aronium Pro PAID

Need more than one cash register?
Try Pro version.

Supports multiple cash registers connected to a single database.

30 DAYS free trial

$ 10 USD / month per store$ 100 USD / year per store
* unlimited number of cash registers in one physical store

Setup instructions (PDF)



Aronium is even better with plugins. Select your preferred extensions from the list below and add additional functionality in minutes.

Dual currencyFREE

Prints receipt total in a second currency of your choice.

Price listsPAID

Assign different price list to cash registers or customers and operate as a retail or wholesale.

$ 5 USD / month per store$ 50 USD / year per store

E invoice (KSA)FREE

Implements Saudi Arabia electronic invoice requirements and prints required QR code on simplified invoice.

My logoPAID

Add your company logo to a login screen.

$ 1 USD / month per store$ 10 USD / year per store

* Annual subscription only

Print stationsPAID

Print kitchen and bar orders to different printers.

$ 5 USD / month per store$ 50 USD / year per store


Add notes after sale is closed and print them on receipt or invoice.

Named orderFREE

Give descriptive name to open orders and track in-store customers easily.

Stock controlFREE

Get more control over your stock quantities with low stock warnings.

Email reportingPAID

Schedule daily sales report to be sent automatically and delivered to your email.

$ 3 USD / month per store$ 30 USD / year per store


Specify and print product's maximum retail price (MRP) in receipt and invoice.

More downloads

Aronium Pro version update

This download is in-place update for installed Aronium Pro version.
File size is ~5MB and you can use it to update your Aronium Pro installation without downloading full setup.

Download Aronium Pro update

Data migration tool

Data migration tool is a separate application that allows you to move data between Aronium Pro and Aronium Lite databases.

Download data migration tool