Simplicity is the key

Choose between visual and standard layout

Easy to use

Aronium comes with two layouts - Touch Screen and standard / keyboard layout.

Modern look and user interface are designed to simplify and
speed-up your daily work.

No complicated procedures. True simplicity.

Whether you are using barcode reader, or you prefer touch screen functionality, Aronium will fit your environment.


Simple, flexible and effective way to apply discounts to your items.
  • Set fixed or percentage discount
  • Set cart discount
  • Set discount to specified items in a receipt
  • Predefined customer discounts
  • Promotions & happy hour
Apply discount to a single product or a sale

Inventory management

Keep track of your inventory

Keep your eyes on the stock levels! Easy manage and see stock breakdowns.
Perform quick inventory counts for any stock level adjustments.

Feature list


Speed-up your work with standard barcode scanner or barcode weighing scales.

Inventory management

Simplified inventory management to keep your stock level optimized.

Network environment PAID

Ability to use multiple cash registers connected to a single database.


Set different access levels for each user and secure your business.

Custom payment types

Accept cash, credit cards, check or any payment type you want. Use payment types with split payment functionality or let your customers pay on account.

Split payments

Split payments into multiple payment methods. Allow customers to use their preferred payment methods on a single receipt.

Split order

Ability to split and/or transfer order to another user.


Take care of your loyal customers. Set predefined discounts for items or item groups

Promotions & Happy hour

Schedule and select days of week when promotion will run. Apply special rates to products or groups and use discounts or fixed price.

Custom receipts

Customize receipts with your logo, web site or a custom text.


Log in using card reader or password.
Specialized POS equipments with embeded card readers will secure and speed up your daily operations.

Credit payments

Keep your loyal customers with credit payments.


Add notes to receipt immediately after a sale is done. Notes are automatically printed in receipt and invoice.

Print stations PAID

Choose what you print and where. With Print stations plugin you can print to different kitchen or order printers.

Named order

Give descriptive name to open orders and track in-store customers easily.

My logo PAID

Add your company logo to a login screen.

Stock control

Get more control over your stock quantities with low stock warnings.

Color schemes

Choose between modern dark or standard light skin.
Use color scheme that suits you and your environment the best.

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For Windows 11/10/8+/7

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